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Postage & Packaging

  • Please note: We calculate the shipping cost once your order has been assembled to give you the best price.
    For the T numbers, an estimate is given in the item description, but this may vary where mutliple items are purchased.
  • We do try to keep postage costs to a minimum, on small items, such as single stamps we weigh the item and send it through Royal Mail, as for the T number's we send them through a courier.
  • Lots will normally be sent out within 48 hours if payment is by cash or credit card. If payment is by cheque and the customer is unknown to us we will wait 5 working days for the cheque to clear.
  • All export orders are Nett plus full postage and packing costs etc and any bank charges
  • Email sales@ajhstamps.co.uk if you need more details.

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