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Below you will find a brief description of each lot on offer this month. Read about each lot and decide which one(s) you are interested in. Then click the relevant button next to the lot and fill in the form. You may bid on as many items as you wish.

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Lot No. Description
Current Bid Bid
Lot 1Austria on double sided stocksheet mint and unmounted singles and sets 150+ stamps, was £25Stamp image£13.00
Lot 2Austria accumulation early to 2008 mint and used with a useful lot of pre 1938 etc stated to be £500+, was £40Stamp image£20.00
Lot 3Austria 1947 National Art Fund SG1024-1033 set of 10 in sheets of 25 cat £280+, was £60Stamp image£30.00
Lot 4Colombia 1932 to 1950s on stock pages including useful range with 1941 Air to 3p plus back of book material stated to be 125+ stamps some duplication, was £30Stamp image£15.00
Lot 5Finland 1938 to 1949 on cardboard stock pages dealer lot mint and used with 140+ stamps cat £170, was £35Stamp image£18.00
Lot 6France 1876 to 1891 used on album page with letter B and under U stated to cat £200+ (22 stamps), was £50Stamp image£25.00
Lot 7French Andorra 1967 to 1973 small lot of unmounted mint cat £140+ on stock sheet, was £30Stamp image£15.00
Lot 8Iraq 1949 Air min sheet mint SGMS338 cat £90, was £30Stamp image£15.00
Lot 9Ivory Coast on Hagner pages clean lot including sets mainly used with the odd mint set and bits 1936 to 2001 stated to be 400+ stamps, was £25Stamp image£13.00
Lot 10Liberia collection on leaves 1897 to 1970s plus back of book material mint and used incl useful lot, was £20Stamp image£10.00
Lot 11Liechtenstein sheets of 20 on stockbook pages 1958 to 1965 x 10 stated to cat £210, was £50Stamp image£25.00
Lot 12Poland on stockpage 1946 to 1960 mainly in sets clean lot stated to cat £300+, was £50Stamp image£25.00
Lot 13Portugal early to modern mint and used 100++ stamps as received, was £20Stamp image£10.00
Lot 14Switzerland on leaves early to 1949 with early used and middle period in block of 4 etc mint plus singles and sets useful lot good cat, was £50Stamp image£25.00
Lot 15Turkey collection on Hagners 1963 to 2002 useful unmounted mint lot of mainly sets stated to cat £240, was £50Stamp image£25.00
Lot 16United Nations (Geneva) 1969 to 1986 mainly unmounted mint cat £190, was £40Stamp image£20.00
Lot 17Yemen collection on Hagner sheets 1963 to 1980 clean lot with sets mini sheets etc stated to cat £450+, was £110Stamp image£55.00
Lot 18Canada collection on leaves Q.V. to 1950s mainly used with values to $1 useful lot of 130 stamps cat £150+, was £32Stamp image£16.00
Lot 19Gold Coast Q.V. to 1952 mint and used collection on leaves with KGVI to 10/- used and QEII to 10/- used etc stated to be 60 stamps cat £160, was £35Stamp image£18.00
Lot 20India Cochin on 4 stock pages a mixed lot as received used stated to be 230+ stamps, was £40Stamp image£20.00
Lot 21Indian States imperfs on Hagner mint 14 stamps as received, was £20Stamp image£10.00
Lot 22New Zealand early to 1981 small collection of Insurance Issues with stamps cat £20+ small lot of 55+ stamps. was £20Stamp image£10.00
Lot 23Palestine 1927 issue (reprint?) Germany 2nd World War issue overprinted with No To Zionist Colonisation in red or blue and black in blocks of 4 unmounted mint marginals with 68 stamps, was £50Stamp image£25.00
Lot 24St Lucia on 2 stock pages from 1937 Coronation to 1980s with sets etc and values $2.50 stated to cat £85+, was £20Stamp image£10.00
Lot 25Sierra Leone small accumulation of 19 stamps used with value to 6d mixed, was £25.00Stamp image£13.00
Lot 26Singapore on hagner page unmounted mint sets 1990 to 1993 stated to cat £126, was £30Stamp image£15.00
Lot 27Trinidad and Tobago on Hagner SG 230A to 236A mint and 238 used plus SG D1, D5 & D8 used postage dues 13 stamps stated tStamp image£18.00
Lot 28Great Britain KGVI on stockpage with cent set plus games and UPU and 1948 Silver Wedding set mint slight duplication, was £20Stamp image£10.00
Lot 29Great Britain 1971 to 1982 used commemoratives on leaves fairly complete with 200+ stamps and 3 min sheets, was £24Stamp image£12.00
Lot 30Great Britain 1971 Vectis Postal Service stamps and other labels including Freedom Group to 5/- I.O.W. Vectis 5p - 1/- also peoples league to 5/- 1962 airmail etc and 1976 christmas post exeter 5p gutter part sheet of 6 birds inc eagle etc and 2 exeter min sheets of 6 emergency service useful lot mint 40+ on 2 stock sheets, was £25Stamp image£13.00
Lot 31Great Britain booklet Tete Beche covers miscut 30p Help The Children and Canada life 4 items, was £25Stamp image£10.00
Lot 32Great Britain 1969 6d bright magenta SG736 EA IN LH marginal block of 25 cylinder 3 cat £180, was £30Stamp image£15.00
Lot 33GB 1865 3d red plates in recon plating book SG103 x 25 good used the odd seconds cheap lot just over £1 each, was £30Stamp image£15.00
Lot 34Great Britain 1858 1d Reds plates on 2 stock cards used sound as received not checked 90 stamps, was £35Stamp image£18.00
Lot 35GB KGVI mint and used on leaves incl commems and defins some duplication also sideway and inverted WTM;s plus postage dues and mint control bloacks etc useful lot as recieved, was £35Stamp image£18.00
Lot 36Great Britain collection of QEII on Hagners from 1953 Coronation to 1970 plus machins with values to 75p inc 1st and 2nd class also some odd used and wilding training stamps as recieved, was £40Stamp image£20.00
Lot 37GB on stock sheets from 1936 KEVIII mint and used incl udsed blocks of 4 also 1937 mint and used incl mint controls plus 1948 silver wedding set and 1951 set to £1 f/used useful lot, was £45Stamp image£23.00
Lot 38Great Britain Trade & Guild stamps with Britannia & Sinking ship mint 7 items various colour with heading Remember Always nothing German, was £60Stamp image£30.00
Lot 39GB 1902 KEVII 2/6 lilacs on hagner mainly sound but heavy postmarks some slight faults internet lot 28 stamps min cat £5,000+, was £100Stamp image£50.00
Lot 40World in ½ box including 5 various albums stockbooks etc including stockbook of mixed Iraq used some duplication plus stockbook of Hungary also 24 page stockbook of mixed world including Persia/Iraq, Ireland also Bulgaria in stockbook modern plus loose leaf album of mixed world on leaves, was £100Stamp image£51.00
Lot 41World covers in ½ box in various albums including 1970s Netherlands and 2 collections of 1970s and 1980s Switzerland and collection of Sweden early 1900s to 1945 clean lot stated to be approx 300 items, was £75Stamp image£38.00
Lot 42World in ½ box including loose stamps on and off paper mainly Foreign also 2 ring binder of world plus stockbook of G.B. & World plus stockbook of Belgium plus other collections, was £70Stamp image£35.00
Lot 43Great Britain in box from charity with stamps on paper in chocolate and biscuit boxes also stamps on and off paper some still in bags useful lot looks like some is unchecked plus some sorted, some Foreign stamps mixed in original lot 5+ kilos, was £50Stamp image£25.00
Lot 44World in ½ box includes 3 plastic bags of on paper and 1 off paper world no GB few 1,000 also a selection of mixed mainly Foreign in medium stockbook as received, was £50Stamp image£25.00
Lot 45World in ⅓ box with loose stamps on and off paper plus stock cards and packets of mixed stamps plus stockbook of mainly Belgium and old childrens album mixed sort as received, was £50Stamp image£26.00
Lot 46Italy on paper in envelopes in ½ box mass of duplicated middle period unchecked 1,000s, was £35Stamp image£18.00

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