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  • If you wish to bid, fill in the form for the amount you are willing to pay for the lot. Bids are rounded to the nearest pound.
  • You may bid for as many lots as you wish. You will be notified by email when you are outbid.
  • If you log-in to the website most of your details will be filled in automatically, and lots you are winning will have the current bid highlighted green, but you must be logged in to bid. You may also select 'Use card on file' if you've asked us to retain your card data previously.
  • Do not leave bidding until the last seconds. Internet traffic can cause delays and you may miss the deadline.
  • Please state the method of payment you prefer. We accept blank cheques made payable to AJH Stamps Ltd, cash by registered post, credit card and charge cards, Amex, Mastercard, any Visa Card and Debit cards, we don't charge for any form of card. Choose 'Invoice' for payment within 10 working days, unless prior arrangements have been made with us.
  • Lots not paid for will be entered into the next available auction and any future bids made by you will be removed from our online auction, and your name passed to the appropriate bodies as a bad debt liability.
  • Inland postage and packing will be charged to your account, minimum charge £1.00, plus any additional banking charges and insurance etc.
  • Overseas: Full postage, packing and insurance will be added to the total price, plus any additional banking charges and insurance etc.
  • Lots may only be returned under the auctioneer's standard rules, ie, lots must be totally misdescribed and returned within 5 working days.
  • When the auction closes, Any bids that appear to be entered after it closes for any reason will be invalid.
  • By bidding you agree to any terms listed, and that the auctioneer's decision is final.

Below you will find a brief description of each lot on offer this month. Read about each lot and decide which one(s) you are interested in. Then click the relevant button next to the lot and fill in the form. You may bid on as many items as you wish.

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Lot No. Description
Current Bid Bid
Lot 1GB 1841, WAS £5041 F/USED SG8h CAT £38 1d RED 3 MARGINS BLACK MALTESE CROSS WITH SUPERB IVORY HEADNo image available£1.00
Lot 2GB 1841 F/USED SG8p CAT £250 1d RED WITH 515 TOWN POSTMARK IN BLUE ON SMALL PIECENo image available£1.00
Lot 3GB 1841 F/USED SG9 CAT £45 1d RED WORN PLATE JUST 4 MARGINSNo image available£1.00
Lot 4GB 1855 M/MINT SG40 CAT £50 1d RED STARS VERT CREASE FILLERNo image available£1.00
Lot 5GB 1865 M/MINT SG43 CAT £70 1d RED PLATE 157 GUM CREASENo image available£1.00
Lot 6GB 1870 M/MINT SG49 CAT £130 1/2d RED PLATE 10 GUM WRINKLESNo image available£1.00
Lot 7GB 1870 F/USED SG49 CAT £30 1/2d ROSE PLATE 12No image available£1.00
Lot 8GB 1870 G/F/USED SG51 CAT £75 1 1/2d ROSE RED PLATE 3No image available£1.00
Lot 9GB 1855 G/F/USED SG62 CAT £450 4d CARM SMALL GARTER IMPERF RH SIDE GOOD FILLERNo image available£1.00
Lot 10GB 1855 G/H/USED SG66wi CAT £400 4d ROSE INV WTMNo image available£1.00
Lot 11GB 1855 G/F/USED SG73 CAT £350 1/- PALE GREEN BLUNT LH CORNER PERFNo image available£1.00
Lot 12GB 1855 G/F/USED SG93 CAT £350 1/- PALE GREENNo image available£1.00
Lot 13GB 1865 G/F/USED SG97 CAT £140 6d MAUVE PLATE 5No image available£1.00
Lot 14GB 1867 F/USED SG103 CAT £60 3d ROSE PLATE 8 BLAYDON ON TYNE CDSNo image available£1.00
Lot 15GB 1867 F/USED SG103 CAT £70 3d RED PLATE 9 MACHESTER STOCK EXCHANGENo image available£1.00
Lot 16GB 1867 G/F/USED SG109 CAT £140 6d MAUVE PLATE 8No image available£1.00
Lot 17GB 1862 G/USED SG109 CAT £140 6d MAUVE PLATE 8No image available£1.00
Lot 18GB 1867 F/USED SG109 CAT £90 6d MAUVE PLATE 9 MARGINAL WITH HULL CDSNo image available£1.00
Lot 20GB 1867 F/USED SG117 CAT £45 1/- GREEN PLATE 5No image available£1.00

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